I spent a week of my summer holidays in Lausanne, Switzerland at the Keiko Abe Marimba Academy – KALIMA organized by Tchiki Duo, whom I had the pleasure to meet a year before at the N. J. Živković Summer Academy.

It was an unique experience for me! I met many different people from almost 20 countries, with whom I share the same passion – marimba playing. I also had the opportunity to take lessons from the most famous marimba professors and players in the world: Jean Geoffroy, Tchiki Duo and of course Keiko Abe. Every day started with body conscience lessons of Alain Maratrat so the participants were well prepared for the long day full of new experiences.

The whole academy was a festival so I had the opportunity to visit concerts all over the week and celebrate Keiko Abe´s 80th birthday with all the participants and professors.